Adult Platform Streamers Rely on Bitcoin

Streamers rely on Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, as it is the safest thing for their finances.

The creators of this type of mature content are called „streamers“ from the verb „streaming“ which means to transmit. Because these pages work with adult content, which these girls publish in real time, and users pay to access it.

Thus, users make virtual transfers in order to access the content.

However, since the global quarantine began, content creators have had to deal with inconveniences that only complicate their work. Allowing Bitcoin to reach unthinkable sites

Savannah Solo: The adult content creator who opts for Bitcoin

Savannah is one of the most popular streamers on the famous Streaming website called „OnlyFans“. And although she only started her OnlyFans account in January 2020, within a few months she became one of the top earners on the platform in her category.

During the first months, things were going well for the amount of digital money she was receiving, and the online wallets were working without any problems, even though many of her colleagues had reported failures in their payments, or significant losses of money that their users sent.

Savannah explained in an interview with CoinDesk’s Leigh Cuen all the setbacks that usually affect mature content creators, which prompted them to focus their profits on Bitcoins, commenting that some streamers rely on cryptomoney.

I had never used Bitcoin before because I relied on platforms like OnlyFans and Cash App for regular banking services. She said some artists have been temporarily stripped or have lost access to their funds.

So, although Savannah has been lucky, she decided to learn from the cryptoman world, as cryptoman payments have become a rage among content creators on these sites.

Are crypto currencies now the fixed option for these creators?

While the rumor that the most popular decentralized currency was a safe bet to protect their savings has been raging among the creators of this type of adult content, not all have made the transition from Fiat money to Bitcoin.

This, Savannah explains, is because „understanding how Bitcoin and mining work is not easy. And for this reason, it hasn’t generated enough trust among the other artists on these platforms“.

Also, she explained that she discovered the quintessential crypto-currency, after a couple of her most loyal subscribers tipped her at Bitcoins. And although very few users do this, they made a positive impact on Savannah.

„Customers who give money directly tend to be regulars, big fans… 5% of my customers represent 90% of my income,“ Li said. „Not many artists accept Bitcoins from clients directly, as they are unaware of their use.“

In addition, Savannah mentioned that she has not yet been offered Bitcoins as a fixed payment, but rather as an extra tip.

She is still trying to understand some of the technical basics of running her own business and targeting the crypt world. But she says that, if all the artists understood how to use it, the streamers would surely trust Bitcoin.

How do you explain what Bitcoin is to your friends?

Technical support chains among the artists on these platforms
Another relevant thing that Savannah explained is that, although within the platform there are not many artists interested in cryptomonies yet, there are a few who are not only in charge of promoting the use of Bitcoin and so on.

These artists are dedicated to explaining to other content creators how Crypto works.

For example, a subscription booking consultant with these artists, named Jo, has been helping content creators attract and evaluate clients for two years, saying that some women paid her in 2019 to help them use Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin advertising campaign lasted a few months, on a website that only accepts Bitcoin. This is generally uncommon. Jo said it was a nuisance.

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